The Cayman Islands has a vast variety of sports clubs and sporting events, year round, giving everyone the opportunity to participate! Sporting activities have traditionally been a great way of forging community from the many cultures represented in the population of the Cayman Islands.

Grand Cayman’s premier sporting facility, Truman Bodden Sports Complex is located in George Town near the majority of public and private schools. A world class track which hosts annual international meets, a boxing gym, Lion’s Swim Club pool, a community walk/run track and a number of football (soccer) fields are located in the same area. Nearby the Field of Dreams, with four well maintained baseball fields and facilities for evening play, sees kids from T-Ball to Triple A and girl’s and women’s softball participating each year, as well as a corporate softball league.

Cricket was one of the first team supports established in the Cayman Islands, and has many devotees island wide. The Cayman Islands Cricket Association has a pitch in the centre of George Town, and supports a schools program that feeds into the national teams. Cayman also has well developed basketball, netball and football (soccer) leagues, starting at the earliest ages with developed junior programs. There are facilities scattered across the island from West Bay to East End, with several of the schools also having fields and courts. The Cayman Rugby Football Union has a clubhouse in South Sound, and it’s a rare weekend that doesn’t see some action on the pitch. The club supports a schools program and has a highly developed junior program feeding the several national teams. International tournaments are hosted several times a year, and avid fans gather regularly at odd hours to watch foreign matches in the clubhouse.

The South Sound Squash Club and the Cayman Islands Tennis Club provide both recreational and competitive programs. Many hotels and residential complexes also have tennis courts, and several tennis and squash events are hosted on Grand Cayman yearly. Swimming has also been a successful sport in Cayman, with several athletes reaching international and even Olympic status.

Off every beach can be seen boats and watercraft of all sorts. Cayman has an enthusiastic watersports following with many visitors taking advantage of the island’s reef sheltered shore to experience the sun and sea in extraordinary ways! From board sailing to paddle boards, bananaboats to wave runners, parasailing to sea kayaks, the shore is hopping! Grand Cayman, and the Sister Islands of Little Cayman and Cayman Brac attract ardent scuba divers and snorkelers. The Cayman Islands has some of the world’s most pristine and beautiful dive sites, and many hotels facilitate visitor ‘quick’ courses. Those who prefer snorkeling can find abundant sea life at many popular sites from off the Seven Mile Beach, to Smith’s Barcadere in South Sound, to Starfish Point in Cayman Kai and of course the ever popular Stingray City in North Sound!

Many residents and visitors enjoy recreational boating and there are several yacht clubs and sailing clubs around the island. Many hotels and residences have canal or ocean access and docking facilities, making boating all the more convenient and fun! As well, sport fishing is very popular and tournaments bring out the tall fish tales several times a year!

One of the sports most widely participated in on island is running. There are competitive and fun races nearly every weekend, with participants from seven to seventy! The Cayman Islands Marathon has international status as a well organized and fun event, and some runners come ‘from away’ every year to enjoy the coastal run and stiff competition! Cycling has also become very popular and one gets used to seeing the early morning practice teams racing along the South Sound road.

No matter the time of year there is always an array of sporting activities available for the recreational or the competitive individual, and the Cayman Islands is the perfect place to enjoy a sporting lifestyle.