Sotheby's is a name, synonymous through out the world with the arts and with great respect for this provenance and heritage Cayman Islands Sotheby's International Realty is keen to support and promote artists living and working in the Cayman Islands.

Avril Ward - Painter & Sculptor

Avril Ward is an internationally established artist, well known and residing in the Cayman Islands. As a painter and sculptor she works her paintings in themes and series of usually 20-30 pieces before altering her style, medium and subject matter, hereby expressing her diverse interest in life including her love of her environment and nature, her observation of the obscure yet obvious and her spirituality. Coming from a background in graphic design and branching into the likes of fabric design, large scale murals, tromp l’oeil and mosaic she is skilled in oils, acrylic, charcoal and mixed media which are all conducive to her varying style and use of medium.

Her three dimensional works range from relief sculptures, assemblage art with found and collected items and her largely popular limited edition bronze sculptures. These sculptures are predominantly long thin androgynous figures, their body language very poignant and so subtly formed, yet extremely expressive. Her history as a professional contemporary and jazz dancer has given her this ability to express emotion through gesture of the body. She says in reference to them: ‘I try to not

define too much detail in the figure, rather it is about universal emotions of love, peace and joy, which transcends all sex, nationality, colour or culture of a person. I don’t want the viewer to be distracted by the persona, but only ‘see’ what I am trying to ‘say ‘about the situation or feeling.

She has exhibited and sells in the USA, Cayman Islands, UK and South Africa, her work is included the collection of the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands, the Clico Caribbean collection in Trinidad and is found in collections across the world, recently selling two works to President Bill Clinton. In 2012, after being selected to have her paintings displayed on huge screens in Time Square NYC, ( ‘Art Takes Time Square’) her pieces were chosen from thousands of artworks exhibited to be featured in the coffee table book to commemorate the event.

Avril has been married for 25 years and has one son. She works from her studio at her home in Bodden Town Grand Cayman, she is always open to visitors and happy to discuss her work and take on commissioned work.

On Island her work is permanently on display at the Gallery of the Ritz-Carlton, Kennedy Gallery and Pure Art Gallery,

Website: www.absolutearts.com/avrilward


I create because I must! It has become an intricately woven part of my life.

I must express nature, as it is my window to God.

I must delight in the human body, a marvel that never ceases to amaze.

I must express love and joy-this keeps them tangible in my life.

I must trust my instincts and skills allowing them to lead me in the right direction.

Most importantly: if my art can move a person to pause, think, smile, ponder, cry, laugh or want to own one of my works, then I have served my purpose in life.”