While the rest of of Grand Cayman may feel busy, lively and sophisticated for a Caribbean island, East End is one district in the Cayman Islands that has managed to retain its innate charm and intimacy.

Head east out of George Town and in about half an hour or so you will arrive. You will know you are almost there when you pass by the magnificent elevated coastline to your right, where the ocean shimmers and rolling waves that crash onto the ironshore below hypnotise those who take the trouble to park their cars and stand and enjoy the view.

This is an extremely quiet and peaceful part of the island and the few properties along the way reduce even more in numbers the further east you go. It is only when the speed limit tells you to slow down to 25 mph do you realise that you are at East End. Quaint cottages of every hue stand next door to door with churches and other historic sites, while newer properties, (which are few and far between) fall very much in keeping with the picturesque landscape. There is even the remnants of a ship wreck still to be seen poking out of the emerald green sea at East End, evocative of the sea-faring history of the Islands. Take the time to enjoy the local East End beach and share a story or two with the locals and you will get the chance to appreciate the ‘real’ Caribbean.

Travel a little further round the coast line and you will come across two large resorts – Morritt’s Tortuga Club and Resort and The Reef Resort. Both resorts take advantage of this location’s majestic and sweeping sandy beaches, offering holiday-makers a wonderful sun-filled spot in which to laze. Watersports here are popular, with wind surfing and kite boarding two particular draws for locals and visitors alike, due to the prevailing winds which are so conducive to these sports.

The resorts are well served by a row of shops which includes a supermarket and liquor store as well as restaurants which tend to be quaint and intimate, serving great local food. One restaurant of note is the wonderful Tukka restaurant, whereby its Australian owner/chef imbues his food with an Australian/Caribbean fusion and is not to be missed.

Available real estate at East End tends to be focussed mainly on smaller homes and apartments, many well-priced with magnificent ocean views, while land lots are also available.