At the end of the West Bay Road, the district of West Bay nestles against a backdrop of bright and breezy ocean views. The second largest district after George Town, West Bay features a diverse selection of family homes, including condos on the beach, luxury high end real estate and affordable inland homes and apartments, all within a short and convenient commute to George Town. Quaint Cayman-style cottages intermingle with modern-designed homes and condominium complexes, while spacious and contemporary luxury homes enjoy the benefits of fabulous ocean views and sometimes stretches of beach that they can pretty much call their own.

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West Bay is well-served with a variety of amenities which mean you don’t have to drive all the way to George Town to shop, eat or relax. Supermarkets and other stores and excellent restaurants are located throughout the district. Some of the most popular include Calypso Grill and Morgan’s Harbour, both perched right on the water’s edge, as well as the high class Ristorante Pappagallo, an Italian restaurant of distinction situated within its own tranquil bird sanctuary.

West Bay has its own Public Beach for recreation as well as some of the Island’s most exciting and frequently-visited tourist attractions. The Cayman Islands Turtle Farm is unlike any other establishment in the world, nurturing the development of turtles and welcoming visitors with its wide selection of amenities, including a fabulous lagoon for safe swimming, complete with its own waterfall, a predator reef with sharks on view and a nature trail and aviary. All this is quite apart from the plentiful tanks full of turtles in various states of growth that can be observed and sometimes even petted.

Dolphin Discovery is a new facility which lets visitors get up close and personal with dolphins, enabling guests to actually swim with these intelligent and beautiful mammals, a once-in-a-lifetime treat.

The Cayman Islands Motor Museum is another spectacular and unique attraction to the Cayman Islands and is located just a few minutes from The Turtle Farm. Owned by a Cayman resident who happens to be an avid car collector, the Motor Museum displays 80 vehicles which begin with the very first automobile ever produced, an 1886 Benz. An exact model of the first vehicle ever to be driven in the Cayman Islands, a 1905 Cadillac is also on display, as is the real-life Batmobile!

The community in West Bay plays an integral part in the tourism offering of the Cayman Islands as a whole and is an extremely important district to the Islands.