The district of North Side is, as you would expect, located on the northern coastline of Grand Cayman, about a forty minute drive from George Town and a world away from the busy, bustling town life of the Cayman Islands capital.

North Side is a quaint and sleepy village with truly unimaginably beautiful ocean views that take in the changing hues of the ocean, from emerald green at its shallowest, through to deep navy blue at its deepest. The coastline here is unspoilt and pristine and a real jewel in Cayman’s crown and as such, is highly prized by its residents for its natural beauty.

For all its quiet and quaint appearance, the district is well-established and well-served by a school, a small smattering of shops, a post office and other amenities. It is home to a neighbourly community who would rather live in North Side than anywhere else in the world, deeply appreciating the paradise location of their home. Residents who call North Side home take great pride in their district, which just houses a few hundred or so people, and have gone to great lengths to creatively name their homes, with often brightly decorated house names adorning the front of their properties. ‘Not for Sale’ is one such house name that always brings a smile to the faces of visitors!

North Side is a particularly popular spot for those looking to buy a vacation property, with locals enjoying their holiday home here at the weekend and overseas owners visiting as regularly as they can. Properties are often rented out when not in use by their owners. There is a varied amount of real estate for sale at North Side, with ocean front homes and lots for sale. The district extends a good way inland as well, where there is also a selection of properties available for purchase and a good supply of land lots in various sizes also for sale. If you are searching for a piece of the quiet life, North Side is the perfect vacation location.