The Cayman Islands enjoys a community unique in the Caribbean & probably unlike any other country in the world. Often affectionately referred to has the island time forgot Cayman is now a dichotomy of laid back Caribbean life on the one hand and world class financial centre on the other. The Cayman Islands has seen rapid change in the past fifty years and now, as one of the world’s leading offshore centres enjoys the highest income per capita in the Caribbean and with this an incredible infrastructure. One thing that has remained unchanged is the welcoming and hospitable spirit of the Caymanian people, legendary through out the Caribbean as some of the friendliest people on earth. The Caymanian population is ethnically diverse with those of mixed race making up around forty percent of the population, with the black and white population accounting for twenty percent each and the balance being belonging to various immigrant ethnic groups. The total population of the Cayman Islands is approximately fifty two thousand, which is almost an equal split between local Caymanian’s and expat workers. The large expat population in Cayman is very diverse with around one hundred different nationalities represented among them from all over the world giving Cayman a wonderful cosmopolitan feel usually associated with big cities.