The beach at Point of Sand, Little Cayman looking towards the Caribbean Sea and boat dock


Little Cayman, along with Cayman Brac make up what are affetionately known as Cayman's Sister Islands. Little Cayman is the smallest of the three Cayman Islands but is very big on quintessential Caribbean charm. It has a permanent population of around just two hundred and fifty people & a strong community feel, where personal safety and security is not even thought of and front doors and car doors are seldom locked. This old world charm however is perfectly balanced with new world technology and infrastructure and Little Cayman creates a true Caribbean paradise where you can leave behind as much of your home life as you wish or create a virtual office right in the hammock. Point of Sand is perhaps Little Cayman's most popular beaches and probably one of the finest unspoiled stretches of sand in the Caribbean. Little Cayman offers a variety of real estate to buy from land to condos to luxury beach front houses.