Governor’s Harbour is a well-established upscale water-front development within walking distance of the Seven Mile Beach , a collection of magnificent residences and luxury homes and apartments each lined along a collection of parallel quays whose nomenclature celebrate naval heroes of yore.

It’s particularly convenient for families who simply want to move in to a beautiful home straight away and enjoy the location, without the hassle of building from scratch. Starting from the most northerly & moving in a southern direction the Quay’s within Governor’s Harbour run as follows:

Raleigh Quay

Prince Charles Quay

Magellan Quay (North)

Governor’s Way

Magellan Quay (South)

Jellicoe Quay >> For sale #31 Jellicoe Quay

Nelson Quay

Drake Quay

Cook Quay

Peninsula Avenue runs from north to south connecting the quays of Govenor's


There are a number of condominium complexes in and around Governor's Harbour. These include:

Raleigh Harbour North

Castaway Condominiums

Raleigh Harbour South

The Coral Reef Club

Olivia's Cove >> For sale Olivia's Cove #3

Safe Harbour


Columander Court


Admirals Retreat >> For sale Admiral's Retreat #7

Lime Tree Bay

The Waterways