The Cayman Islands enjoy an offering of annual events with a variety of entertainments and venues. From sports to music and cultural celebrations, exhibitions of food and art, and charity events, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Cayman Cookout and Taste of Cayman are two popular events that celebrate the island’s fantastic epicurean flare. From traditional Cayman foods cooked by local experts to world class cuisine from celebrity chefs, this opportunity to tantalize the taste buds can’t be beat! Weekly farmer’s markets keep fresh a variety of local fare, and the annual Agricultural Fair puts on display the very best of produce and livestock.

Every year several major sporting events highlight how physically active the Cayman Islands community is. The very popular Cayman Islands Marathon has participants both local and international, and is acclaimed for being well organized and fun. The Cayman Invitational Track Meet draws international athletes and stiff competition to the Truman Bodden Sports Complex, and the Legends Tennis tournament, hosted by the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman brings celebrity players for the enjoyment of Cayman tennis enthusiasts. The Flowers Sea Swim is an annual challenge that has hundreds of competitors and every year a number of international meets in rugby, squash, cricket, football and beach volleyball keep the sports minded very busy.

Cayman has a bounty of music and arts events. CayFest is the premiere showcase of local talent featuring visual arts, theatre, and music and dance, and poetry. Jazz on the Green brings internationally acclaimed musicians, and The National Choir and Orchestra puts on several top tier performances each year. Several theatre productions are put on by local thespians, and the annual Rundown performance is a comedy treat! Gimistory, delights both young and old with traditional storytelling.

One of the biggest draws and most enthusiastically participated in cultural event each year is the Cayman Carnival Batabano. With its flamboyant Caribbean costumes, music, parades and street parties, all other events take a back seat during this week of festivities.

Everybody’s favourite cultural affair of the year is of course, Pirates Week. Starting with an invasion of the harbour and the kidnapping and ransoming of the ‘governor’, and a much-feted parade of pirates and floats, the celebrations last an entire week. Street parties with food, music and fireworks frame community days where each local community features its own food and cultural day, by turn.

Whatever your interest, whether sport, music, art, nature, history or theatre, Cayman offers a diverse selection of ‘happenings’ year round.