Aerial view taken over Crystal Harbour looking towards the North Sound


Crystal Harbour is a relatively new development overlooking the North Sound and features private homes of stature, perfect for families with its wide boulevards and canal and ocean frontage. Expect to see mums pushing prams, youngsters on bicycles and joggers enjoying the tracks along the golf course in this safe and secure upscale neighbourhood. Land lots are also for sale in this quickly evolving area, for would-be home-owners to develop their very own distinctive property. Most of the luxury homes here enjoy water frontage courtesy of the canal, Mitchell’s Creek or Governor’s Creek and therefore it is an ideal real estate choice for the boater who wishes to dock their boat or yacht close to home. Crystal Harbour has a variety of land lots for sale starting from around CI$350k which make a great investment for those looking for capital growth without annual expenidture, unlike other Caribbean islands there are no general laws in Cayman that require purchasers to build within a certain time (although certain developments may include this in their covenants for example Vista del Mar), there are also no annual real estate fees and no capital gains tax when you come to sell.

Currently for sale in Crystal Harbour

>> Waterford Quay

>> HQ, Hoya Quay

>> Peninsula land lot - Lalique Pointe

Street names within Crystal Harbour: